Rollermouse armrest

The Rollermouse Red armrests have been especially designed to be used with the Rollermouse Red controller and the Rollermouse Free2 rest with the Rollermouse Free2 controller. These are specialty models that are perfect for those who enjoy Rollermouse products.

Rollermouse Red

Model 2052 – lycra

Model 2053 – leather

Color: Black + more at inquiry

Rollermouse Integrated

Model 2054 – lycra

Model 2055 – leather

Color: Black + more at inquiry

Rollermouse Free2

The upper edge of this rest follows the outlines of the device Rollermouse Free2.

Model 2042 – lycra

Model 2043 – leather

Dimensions: 630 x 230 x 20mm, narrowest part 60mm

*New Rollermouse Free3