About Us

Ergo Unit is a Finnish family-owned company that was established in 1989. Since 1996 we have focused on products improving ergonomics in offices and at home. We have designed and manufactured all the products ourselves to ensure high standards.

Our products are not simply foam and leather, they are designed to improve the desk experience by increasing comfort and by being aesthetically pleasing. All our products are handmade in Finland out of quality materials.

We have been a guiding force to the industry of arm rests for decades. We were the first to truly focus on elegance in addition to comfort. For example we introduced the very first asymmetric model in 1998 which was not only more elegant but also took into account the asymmetric nature of the desk; desks have a keyboard and a mouse which in unison creates an imbalance in the positioning of the users hands.

Our guiding principles are

1. Perfecting the desk experience through comfort and elegance

2. Providing as much flexibility to the end user as possible

3. Minimizing the impact of our products to the environment

4. Supporting Finnish production and values