Desk Armrests

An armrest on your desk adds ergonomic support and comfort to your workstation. Our models have been the standard-bearers of the industry for decades. They are incredibly easy to install and have been made out of the best possible materials.

Installing                        Materials                        Wrist rest

Advance armrest

The advance rests are our most elegant models. In addition to comfort, aesthetics play an important role in making your desk a more pleasant environment for you. The asymmetry is not only an aesthetic feature as it complements the difference in the positioning of your hands caused by the right hand moving between the keyboard and the mouse.

These models can be used with a regular keyboard though they have been especially designed with Mousetrapper Advance and Pro, and RollerMouse Pro2 devices in mind. Read more>>

Ergonomic armrest

This big asymmetric model is one of the most popular models among our Finnish clients. It has been designed to have the maximum flexibility in use with leaning and different positions in mind.

Model 2080

Symmetrical armrest

If you want a more simple model our symmetrical armrests are the perfect option for you. The traditional symmetrical model has been made for over twenty years already. We provide two wider models for a keyboard and a mouse, and a narrower one for the keyboard alone. Read more>>

Adjustable armrest

If the fixed models feel too narrow, we recommend an adjustable armrest. It provides a larger variety in functionality as you can adjust both the length and angle of the rest. This way you can position the rest according to your own wishes. Read more>>

Rollermouse armrest

The Rollermouse Red armrests have been especially designed to be used with the Rollermouse Red controller and the Rollermouse Free2 rest with the Rollermouse Free2 controller. These are specialty models that are perfect for those who enjoy Rollermouse products. Read more>>

Mouse hand armrest

Our model for supporting the mouse hand arm can be mounted to the desktop either from the long or the short side. Read more>>